Riku Norakari

Riku Norakari is a 22-year old Finland based self-taught photographer.
He finds in nature, a relaxing and healing place and loves spending time there. Through his photos he shares the feelings he experiences in the nature and wants to inspire people to spend more time outdoors and explore more the world.

He captures the unique atmospheric moments with his camera and shows them through his imagination and emotions. Riku loves to challenge himself to try new things and is open minded to different styles in photography.

You can find Riku on social media or on his website https://norakaririku.wixsite.com/home/outdoor

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Read what Riku had to say!

When did you first realise you had an eye for photography?
I think around 2012 when i started using my Nokia phone for photography.


What was your first camera?
A Canon 1100D, which i got back in 2010.


What has photography done for you in your life?
It has given me  new experiences, friends and mostly beautiful memories in my hard drive. Also got some amazing deals with companies to photograph their products or services.


"I want to see the beautiful glaciers and animals while they still exist in this world."

If you could go anywhere for a shoot, where would you go and why?
Surely Iceland or Antartica. I want to see the beautiful glaciers and animals while they still exist in this world. But there are so many places right now where I want to travel. Hard to decide where to go next.

What is the absolute dream shot?
Oh man.. This is a hard one. Maybe a photo of a rare animal in beautiful environment. Or some adventure photo in epic ice-cave. Something like this. Right now I really do not have the ¨dream shot¨ in mind but some shots are always in my list.


Which of our watches would you love to see on your wrist?

Pearl Timer. It looks pretty amazing in the photos.

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