The Journal of a Nameless Traveller - Part I - The Sahara

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“...Coming off the cargo ship at Casablanca was a relief. The start of my adventure had been rough as the oceans has made themselves very present. I should have probably checked on that storm in the Atlantic before my sudden departure. But then again, none of this was thought through in the first place. I liked it better that way. Too much thought and I would probably still be at home, frustrated and in my adventure books.

I didn’t mind the ruggedness of the ship, on the contrary, I admired it. It made me think of harsher yet simpler times. Back when the unknown was not limited to the stars and when the world was to be discovered in person or through the journals of the great who dared to venture out, chasing horizons.  ‘In order to find new lands, one must first sail into the Unknown’. I never quite remembered where I had heard or read this, but these words resonated with me daily and helped me discover who I am.

My stay in Casablanca was short as I quickly found my way towards the old Imperial city of Marrakech, a place that I had so often read about and that I was finally going to witness with my own eyes.

The busy market streets of Marrakech were filled with life as all sorts of items and foods were being traded from hand to hand. I was entertained by the certain expressive ‘savoir-faire' of sellers and buyers alike as they got the best deal as they could for their hard-earned money. It was as if the art of trade had withstood the sands of time as it was passed down throughout generations.

Walking down the narrow and busy alleys, I was amazed by the amount of items that one could find if one looked for long enough. From jewellery & metals, to silks and leathers, the sheer passion and craftmanship that some of these items were given made me understand their true value. 

As I journeyed deeper into the Sahara Desert, human interactions became rarer. The cold nights were not lonely though as the winds, like whispered melodies, kept me company and made the fine Saharian sands dance around my tent. This beautiful silence was exactly what I had come here to find...”

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