The Journal of a Nameless Traveller - Part 2 - Anouar's Ghosts

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“...Social interaction was always quite scarce back home. In fact, I felt more like a stranger in the very place I was to call my home. I saw some people, every day, racing against time as they unknowingly washed their lives away in silence.    

I never believe that Time should act as a prison, a regulator, or as a system... I refused to believe that that was its only purpose. Maybe that is why I left in the first place. 

My travels continued East, and for weeks I ventured into the vast landscapes of Maghreb. Stopping from village to village, meeting strangers, who in our differences, showed me that we are all, in fact, one of the same. Listening to their stories, learning from their culture and experiencing even a blink of their lives further opened my eyes to the wonders of diversity.  

For a brief part of my Journey, I was accompanied by Anouar, a newly met companion. I had met him in a little village called Tamdjert in the East of Algeria where he was also staying. Anouar had been trading goods from village to village and although he was traveller by trade, he was welcomed home everywhere that he went.  

We travelled together across Tassili N'Ajjer, a rocky mountainous desert. The journey across was long but as we shared nature’s beauty, we both told each other stories of our lives.  

I told him about my origins and the ways of the Western World, Anouar told me stories of his travels, of the past, lost civilisations. As I listened in awe to Anouar’s stories about the lost Troglodyti and Garamantes tribes, I felt the presence of ghosts echo within the cave walls as prehistoric art brought even more stories of the past to life. 

My admiration for Anouar’s stories got me thinking again about what Time was actually about. I thought to myself that time was maybe about creating stories and memories of our lives, living an adventure, in hopes that our brief stay on this Earth would still be echoed for generations to come?  

After a few days, Anouar and I parted ways, and although our goodbye was probably the last, I knew that we would both remain friends in memory for a long time, through the stories we had told each other and through the same stories we will be telling others thereafter. 

Whatever it was that I was looking for from this impromptu journey, I felt more fulfilled and more alive than I had ever felt.  

Taking in the vastness ahead, the Unknown was no longer to be feared and as I sat in front endless sand dunes, a mirage came to life; where dunes turned to waves and the desert became an ocean."

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