The Journal of a Nameless Traveller - Part 9 - A temple at my Feet.

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“Lhasa was beyond anything I was expecting... In fact, it was to be my final destination from my travels in the Himalayas and yet, being here felt like my adventures had just started.  My mind wandered as my eyes guided my soul through the streets. I felt transcended to a dream or to another world. The luscious colours that paint the walls filled my vision and the purity of the air mixed with the subtle odours of temple incense birthed inside of me a true admiration for its uncharted beauty. I walked from street to street for hours, and the pain I had felt from my long Himalayan journey was now completely forgotten. The cobbled streets beneath my feet paved my path me as I let beauty be my guide. There are very few words that can express the enchantment that I was under, for the authenticity of everything was still untouched by the demons that control our world. Back home, money is the main drive, to be rich is to be wealthy, to be successful is to have financial power... Here, I was richer than anyone back home. For although my pockets weren’t deep, the journey that had brought me to the sight that stood before my eyes brought truth to my mind along with it. A truth in which richness does not have a number, a truth in which richness cannot be counted, a truth in which richness is freedom of the soul.

I arrived at the feet of Potala Palace, a sight that stood high and mighty before my eyes. Before walking up to the palace, I sat down on a little white wall that was leading to the stairs and took my journal out. I needed to reflect on my journey for it had brought me to here. Simple words were not going to give it justice but here are the words that came to me:

'A palace at my feet.

Why Mother must you weep? Why Brother must you sleep? Do not fear what I seek. For I am a man, with a palace at my feet.


A thousand miles of sand, A thousand more of sea, With mountains, hills between, I am but a man, with a palace at my feet. 

Whispers danced with the wind, As mountains called my name, Were hauntings to be feared? I am now a man, with a palace at my feet.

The silence of nature, Awoke my soul now rich, This was my journey’s gift. For I am a man, with a palace at my feet.


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