Ingi Haraldsson

"Hæ! My name is Ingi Haraldsson and I'm from Iceland.
I have always been drawn to photography because its my way to express how I see the world. 

Also when you're living in Iceland there is no shortage of beautiful and powerful landscape which is good for a nature child like myself.
My main focus is landscape and motorsport but I've done weddings,family portraits, sports and many more.

I'm always open to help people out when they visit Iceland,so if you ever find yourself in Iceland feel free to contact me! "

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Read what Ingi had to say!

When did you first realise you had an eye for photography?
I’ve been told from early age that I have an eye for it, I was always playing with cameras from my parents and that evolved more and more.

What has photography done for you in your life?
Changed my view on everything! I notice way more what is around me, always thinking how I could photograph everything.


If you could go anywhere for a shoot, where would you go and why?

Been wanting to go to Austria/Switzerland for some time now.
Mountain view, small village and Swiss chocolate!

"I want to see the beautiful glaciers and animals while they still exist in this world."

What is the absolute dream shot?
So many! But something with strong emotions and makes people think comes to mind.

Which of our watches would you love to see on your wrist?

Without a doubt  the Vísir.
I can relate since I have Icelandic viking blood in my veins, and I also have a Vegvísir tattoo!

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