Our Story

'I started Demerliac watches, not only because of my love of watches but also for my love of the unknown and uncharted adventures. I hope to offer those with the same values, a timepiece worthy of our shared passion. 

This is a watch designed with travellers, artists, photographers, thinkers, old souls, musicians and explorers alike in mind.

Growing up in many different countries around the globe really helped to shape the person I am today, and consequently the brand and the designs which have become a sort of extension of my personality and life experience. A great passion of mine is the 'uncharted world', a term which I use to describe the various places around the world which are still untouched by modern society and still hold the secrets of their ancient pasts. In addition to this, I developed a strong fascination for the great explorers of history who braved the seas and harsh environments in search of new lands, new riches and knowledge about our world. These themes and stories were at the centre of the designs behind the watches and the brand itself.

The story-telling and narrative aspect of the brand is as important as the designs themselves, and something which will remain at the heart of the Demerliac watches brand for as long as it exists.' 

Demerliac Watch Company Ltd. is now located in Lincoln, UK.

Guillaume Demerliac - Founder and Designer

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